Seeing Danny again

I hadn’t seen Danny for well over a month, since the end of February when he was still in the Princess Royal ICU, so I wasn’t sure how he was doing. But I was pleasantly surprised.

Last time I saw Danny he was mouthing words and communicating with us via a giant spelling board; he’s now speaking! Slowly and deliberately and it can be quite hard to understand at times, but it’s a lot of progress and means Danny can communicate with us properly and quickly, and importantly with the nurses, doctors etc. So he’s able to let people know when he’s in pain or not comfortable, which has meant he’s generally in better spirits now.

As you can see, Danny is refusing to let anyone shave him at the moment; he wants to wait until he can shave himself. Even if he’s starting to look very scruffy!

Danny has physical therapy and occupational therapy every weekday, as he basically has to relearn using his muscles. But progress is good there too. Danny has quite a lot of movement in his right arm, and starting to get a bit of strength back in his hand. His left arm is still very weak, and he can’t move his legs at all, but he’s getting there. He’s even doing arm exercises on his own, outside of physio, to try and improve quicker; we all know how stubborn Danny can be!

On Tuesday Danny had his personalised wheelchair delivered, with a special inflatable bumpy cushion shaped for him to make it more comfortable. He’s been allowed in the wheelchair for an hour a day so far, which is about his limit anyway as he starts getting very uncomfortable after that. But yesterday we took him outside into the hospital grounds, the first time Danny’s been outside in pretty much exactly 4 months! So he was very happy to be out, see the grass, sky, sun etc. without being behind a window.

So now that Danny’s in his wheelchair he should be able to accelerate his recovery, with an optician appointment (his eyesight has been hit) and water physio in a swimming pool in the near future. We’re also hoping to have picnics in the grounds of the hospital once Danny can spend a bit longer in the wheelchair.

I’ve been impressed with the RHN so far, they have the specialist equipment, nurses, facilities and knowledge to help Danny recover much quicker and better than when he was in ICU. He’s progressing faster in the last couple of weeks (he’s been there 2 weeks tomorrow) than in the previous month or two at the Princess Royal.

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Danny’s move to RHN

Danny ready for transport

After many months of uncertainly, waiting, three hospitals and one elderly persons’ ward, the day has finally come for Danny to move to the Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability; we’re all very excited.

We got off to a rocky start as Danny’s transport turned up late and Danny felt a little travel sick when we finally got onto the road, but it was worth it. We arrived through the gates of the hospital around 1pm and wheeled Danny out through the main reception and onto his new ward, Drapers ward.

Drapers ward has around 20 beds, all for people in similar situations to Danny; most of the other patients there seemed quite happy and were zooming about in customised wheelchairs or finishing off lunch when we arrived. Danny has a nice bed next to the window in one of the four bed side-rooms.

Within a couple of hours of Danny moving in he had met a large portion of the team that will be looking after him, a fairly big team including a receptionist, physical therapists, nurses, occupational therapists, etc.

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Start Donating!

We now have a Virgin Money Giving page set up so we can start taking donations (Virgin Money Giving takes a smaller cut from the donations then Just Giving do), so please, donate and spread the word!

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