Loading up

Posted by on June 22, 2011

Tomorrow we all head up to Scotland, 4 of us by plane and the other 3 are driving the support van containing the mopeds up. Having spent the entire day finishing fixing them (we discovered yesterday that 2 of them didn’t like rain) here they are ready to be loaded into the van (along with our banner behind them).

Three of our riders. From left: David, Paul and Brendan, fingers crossed that it’ll all go well and there’ll be no problems.

Having spent much of their free time over the last couple of weeks fixing up 6 cheap and broken down mopeds, Brendan and Paul are exhausted as they finally finish working on and loading the mopeds into the van.

The mopeds are all in, and ready to be driven up to John O’Groats at 5am tomorrow morning.

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