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Posted by on June 16, 2011

A few more days to go, our latest announcement is that we plan to use Google Latitude to publish live progress of our ride – we’ll rejig the website so its smack bang in the middle of the front page during the ride, here is a preview.

8 Responses to Live Tracking

  1. Sue (mum)

    I am with you all the way!

  2. Bill Suttie

    Hi Guys
    Thought you were going A9?

    • Michael Barnwell

      We’re having to make quite a lot of alterations as we go, especially when it became clear we wouldn’t make our target today, too many breakdowns!

  3. Bob

    Hi Guys Following your progress from Granada, sunny Espana

  4. Jonathan & Chris

    Hey just heard your story on Gaydar radio and we just wanted to say good luck guys on your trip and wishing Danny all the very best for a full recovery.
    All our love and best wishes
    Jonathan & Chris xxxxx

  5. Irene holloway

    I have only just found out.NOt so sure of twitter but will try to follow how you are doing. Irene (mum)

  6. Sue (mum)

    Hi Mike, You are all doing so well, despite the difficulties! By the way, your great-grandparents were from Shepton Mallet!

  7. Sue (mum)

    Nearly there, you are doing brilliantly!

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